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Drink List


Drink list  
Blended drink  
Water melon/ Pineapple/ Papaya/Banana 22.5 k
Tomato/ lime/ orange and tangerine 22.5 k
Mix/ Mango/ avocado/ Strawberry 25 k
Mix Carrot, ginger, orange, lime and honey 27.5 k
Mint leaves, lime and ginger 27.5 k
Beetroot, pineapple, celery, lime and honey 27.5 k
(make your own blend)  
Fresh extracted juice  
DETOX 37.5 k
(Cucumber, carrot, celery, beetroot, apple, ginger and lime)  
(Cucumber, spinach, broccoli, apple, and lime)  
(Cucumber, pineapple, carrot, apple, and lime)  
(Pineapple, celery, beetroot and lime)  
Lime squash 37.5 k
(fresh lime juice,soda water)  
Tangerine and orange squash 37.5 k
(Fresh tangerine and orange juice, soda water)  
Ginger squash 37.5 k
(fresh ginger root,soda water)  
Mint squash 37.5 k
(fresh mint leaves,soda water)  
vanilla/ chocolate/ banana 42.5 k
(Fresh fruit, ice cream and fresh milk or soya milk blend)  
Strawberry/ Mango/ avocado 42.5 k
(fresh fruit,ice cream and fresh milk or soya milk blend)  
Cola float 32.5 k
(Cola and topped with vanilla ice cream)  
Strawberry float 37.5 k
(Blended strawberry topped with strawberry ice cream)  
Avocado float 37.5 k
(Blended Avocado, milk topped with vanilla ice cream)  
Mango float 37.5 k
(Blended Fresh mango and topped with vanilla ice cream)  
vanilla/ chocolate/ banana/apple 35 k
(fresh fruit milk and yogurt)  
strawberry/ Mango/ avocado 37.5 k
(fresh mango or avocado,and yogurt)  
Soft drink  
Small water 7.5 k
Large water 10.5 k
Coca cola/ Diet coke/ Sprite/ Soda water/ Tonic water 12.5 k
Local wine  
White wine hatten aga/ Rose wine hatten 180 k
Riesling two island/ Cabernet merlot two island 275 k
Chardonnay two island/ Shiraz two island 275 k
By the glass hatten 50 k
By the glass Riesling/cabernet merlot 80 k
By the glass chardonay/ shiraz 80 k
Small beer bintang 25 k
Large beer bintang 37.5 k
Gin and tonic 50 k
Jug of milk 2.5 k
Black tea 12,5 k
Ginger tea 15 k
Lime tea 15 k
Lemongrass tea 15 k
Peppermint tea 15 k
Jasmine tea 15 k
Semesta herbal tea 20 k
(cinnamon,ginger,cloves,cardamon,lemongrass,mint leaves,star anise and secangwood)  
Wedang jahe 17.5 k
(a traditional hot drink, ginger, lemongrass and pandan leaves served in a big mug)  
Served hot or cold  
Coffee and others  
Bali coffee 15 k
Espresso 22.5 k
Machiato 22.5 k
Cappuccino 25 k
(Could be made by pasteurized milk or soy milk)  
Cafe latte 30 k
(Could be made by pasteurized milk or soy milk)  
Americano 37.5 k
( using double esspresso)  
Soy milk 25 k
(Fresh made soy milk, ginger, pandan leaves, palm sugar)  
Hot chocolate 25 k


* plastic straw is upon request

* All price are in thousand rupiah. Subject to 10% goverment tax