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Food List 


Appetizer and salad  
Garlic toast 25 k
(Toasted slice baguette covered with fresh chopped garlic)  
Urab sayur kelor 30 k
(moringa leaves, red beans toss with grated coconut, garlic, and chili)  
Spring roll 27.5k
(Fried crispy spring roll with vegetables filling served with sweet and sour sauce)  
Tomato bruscheta 27.5k
(Dice of tomato, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, basil, oregano and blackolive served on baguette)  
Fresh spring roll 27.5k
(Fresh avocado, papaya, beans sprout, carrot,cucumber mint leaves, lettuce, lime juice and honey)  
Tomato and avocado salad 32.5 k
(Slice of tomato and avocado on a bed of lettuce served with semesta dressing)  
Fresh garden salad 32.5 k
(Lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, onion, and carrot served with semesta dressing)  
Greek salad 37.5 k
(Tomato, bell pepper, onion, cucumber, lettuce, olives, lime juice, and fetah cheese)  
Add some extras to your salad  
chicken breast 20 k
tuna 35 k
prawn (3pcs) 25 k
Fetah cheese 15 k
Toasted bagguette 10 k
Extra virgin Olive oil / vinegar 10 k
Sliced avocado 15 k
Kelor soup 35 k
(A traditional Balinese soup with moringa leaves ,sweet potato, corn, coconut milk and young coconut flesh)  
Mizosiru 35 k
(Japanese clear mizo soup with tofu, carrot, potato, leek and wakame )  
Pumpkin soup 35 k
(Puree of pumpkin, onion, garlic, basil and coconut milk served with crouton)  
Soup ikan kalas 37.5 k
(Balinese seafood soup, shrimp, calamari, fish and spinach with yellow paste and coconut milk)  
Sandwich and snack  
Burger tempe 40 k
(Lettuce, tomato, tempe patty, guacamole, onion and thousand island sauce served with french fries)  
Grill ham and cheese sandwich 40 k
(Grill ham and cheese sandwich served with french fries)  
Chicken sandwich 40 k
(Toast, lettuce, tomato, shredded chicken with mayonnaise served with french fries)  
Tuna sandwich 42.5 k
(Brown toast, lettuce, tomato, tuna with chopped onion and mayonnaise served with french fries)  
Club sandwich 42.5 k
(Toast, lettuce, tomato, egg, bacon and chicken served with french fries)  
French fries 25 k
(home made french fries)  
Add bacon (3pcs) 25 k
Add cheese 15 k
Main course  
Non veggie  
Sate chicken/beef/pork 60 k
(Choice of sate chicken, beef, pork or mix served with peanut sauce, Balinese vegetable and steam rice)  
Nasi campur 60 k
(Combination of Balinese dishes steam minced chicken, steam fish, braised beef, prawn with chili sauce,sweet soya pork, boiled egg and Balinese vegetable served with steam rice)  
Be siap mekalas 60 k
(braised chicken in balinesse yellow spice,balinese vegetable and coconut milk served with steam rice)  
Chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce 60 k
(Grilled chicken breast served with buttered vegetable, French fries and creamy mushroom sauce)  
Sambel udang 65 k
(Prawn with tomato chili sambal served with Balinese vegetable and steam rice)  
Grilled tuna steak 65 k
(Tuna steak, served on grilled eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, onion and tomato salsa on top)  
Asian stirfry corner  
Cap cay 45 k
(Stir fried assorted vegetable, cabbage, caysim, Carrot, mushroom, leek, onion,chicken with broth)  
Nasi goreng 42.5 k
(Fried rice with chicken,egg and vegetables)  
Mie goreng 42.5 k
(Fried yellow egg noodle with chicken, egg and vegetables)  
Bihun goreng 42.5 k
(Stir fried rice noodle with chicken, egg and vegetables)  
Kwe tiaw 42.5 k
(Stir fried flat rice noodle with chicken, egg and vegetables)  
Cah kangkung 27.5 k
(Stir fried water spinach)  
Gado-gado 30 k
(Assorted boiled vegetable, tempe , tofu, and boiled egg with classic peanut sauce)  
Vegetable and tofu yellow curry 37.5 k
(Tofu, mushroom, zucchini, cauliflower, French beans, sweet potato, carrot, spinach and coconut milk in thick curry sauce)  
Nasi campur 40 k
(Combination of Balinese vegetable dishes tempe curry, steam tofu and mushroom, corn and potato fritter, boiled egg and Balinese vegetable)  
Nasi bakar kampoeng 45 k
(Grilled rice wrapped in banana leaves, corn and potato fritter, fried tempe and tofu served with tomato sambal)  
Non vegetarian add with fried chicken 15 k
Steam curry 45 k
(Homemade curry paste, Tempe, tofu, mushroom, chili, egg, and coconut milk And served with rice and sautéed Pok choy with shitake mushroom)  
Add extras to your meal  
Tempe and tofu 6 k
Chicken breast 20 k
Sambal tomato/ matah 7.5 k
Tuna (150 gr) 35 k
Prawn (3pcs) 25 k
fetah cheese 15 k
steam white rice 7.5 k
Selection of Pasta  
Spaghetti alfredo 35k
(Pasta with Garlic, onion, basil, parmesan and cream)  
Riggatoni Pomodoro 40 k
(Pasta with Garlic, onion, tomato, olive oil and basil)  
Spaghetti Arabiata 40 k
(Pasta with Garlic, onion, tomato, chili, olive oil and basil)  
green fettucine con spinaci 52.5 k
(Homemade pasta, Garlic, onion, leek, tomato,black olive, basil, spinach and fetah cheese)  
spaghetti aglio olio 45 k
(pasta with Garlic, oil, basil, and chili )  
Non veg  
spaghetti carbonara 60 k
(Pasta with Garlic, bacon, egg, parmesan cheese and cream)  
Rigatoni with ragout ala bolognaise 60 k
(Pasta with A classic beef ragout ala bolognaise)  
add mix seafood (calamari, tuna and shrimp) 25 k
add grilled chicken breast 20 k
add grill tuna (150 gr) 35 k
add grill prawn (3pcs) 25 k
Fresh slice tropical fruit 1.5 k
(Fresh slice assorted tropical fruit served with youghurt)  
Ice cream 2.5 k
( vanilla/ chocolate or strawberry)  
Dadar gulung 25 k
(Balinese style pandan flavored crepes filed with grated coconut and palm sugar syrup)  
Bubur injin 25 k
(The famous black rice pudding with coconut milk)  
Pisang goreng 27.5 k
(Banana fritter, served with vanilla ice cream and palm sugar syrup)  
Chocolate lover crepes 27.5 k
(Chocolate crepes with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and cashews)  
Banana split 37.5 k
(Banana, triple ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cashewnut)  
Coconut cream caramel 30 k
(Coconut cream caramel served with vanilla ice cream)  
Ice cream pie 3.5 k
(Cookies based ice cream pie served with chocolate syrup)  

All price are in thousand rupiah. Subject to 10% goverment tax